Art Print Sites Experiment an experiment being conducted to research the many various art print site services. ...may help with the process of accomplishing art sales online. Two are listed here below. Soon creating accounts for others listed in attempt to see which one works best. Relating to what I have discussed in the previous post; New Scans... Continue Reading →


Blog Truth | CS5711

This blog was originally created as a project for a junior college class.   You may notice the use of #CS5711 in the tags.  This is the course number for Intro to Social Media at the Santa Rosa Junior College.  I am writing this post because in my studies I have found that it is said... Continue Reading →

A Light In The Dark Designs

^^^^      A Light In The Dark Designs, was a potential name for a business or website thought of back around 2005.  I was getting into digital photography and back then the mega pixels weren't quite as high as they are today though some of the cameras were still well made.  I would really like... Continue Reading →

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