Abstraction Additions

Tho Abstract Art; A number of new images added to Gallery page, Artwork may include but not limited to; Oil Pastels on mixed media Strathmore visual journal paper, 5.5 x 8" inch or 9 by 12" canvas, 8 x 10" Fredrix, Canson Mix Media paper Sennelier Oil Pastels, Micron Pens, Sharpie Pens, Graphite.. Abstracts, working with... Continue Reading →


New Print

New Art Print Available @ deviantart.com 5.5" by 8" inch Strathmore Mixed Media Sheet Micron Pen, Sennelier Oil Pastels, Sharpie Pens Sideways lavender chicken" May 2017 Once sold two prints to a good friend back in Oct 19, 2009 from that deviantart.com site.  Also bought a photo gloss print for myself from there Aug 04, 2014. Total... Continue Reading →

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