Artistic Freedom

Words occurring in minds considered thoughts misspelled worthless from depicting racing motions in fastness diluting into a quiet of quite a peace of piece squashed into reason for which when has happened first ideas turned into with what happened to be happening in detail of further inscriptions involving why may have all double you's from... Continue Reading →


New Pieces | Visual Journal

These are all posted to the Instagram.. Follow @ These are just a few more original pieces recently created.  ^^ More on the Strathmore 5.5 x 8" inch visual journal mixed media paper sheets.  This style and process of these particular pieces is not too time consuming.  I could potentially create like at least fifty... Continue Reading →

Blog Truth | CS5711

This blog was originally created as a project for a junior college class.   You may notice the use of #CS5711 in the tags.  This is the course number for Intro to Social Media at the Santa Rosa Junior College.  I am writing this post because in my studies I have found that it is said... Continue Reading →

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