Monthly Art

Considering consistently posting about four new pieces of art monthly... Perhaps if there was some kind of incentive... Potential audience or demand>?  Connection or purpose>? Perhaps an incentive will NOT be necessary and does not require significance. It may look something like this, Then at the bottom will have breadcrumbs navigation menu links to... Continue Reading →


art print service site #3…

S.D.Tho. - Art Recently creating a new account profile with a few images uploaded. More art prints available from this site url above. This is #3 on this growing list of art service sites. ^^ Previous post on about and        

Art Print Sites Experiment an experiment being conducted to research the many various art print site services. ...may help with the process of accomplishing art sales online. Two are listed here below. Soon creating accounts for others listed in attempt to see which one works best. Relating to what I have discussed in the previous post; New Scans... Continue Reading →

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