art print service site #3…

S.D.Tho. - Art Recently creating a new account profile with a few images uploaded. More art prints available from this site url above. This is #3 on this growing list of art service sites. ^^ Previous post on about and        


Thurs Throw Tho…

I did a bunch of these back around 2008 and did about twelve of them to publish in an annual calendar.  I never was able to get a calendar published but still have the files.  They are oil pastels on paper, scanned into digital format with some minor Photoshop manipulation. This one above was done... Continue Reading →

Inspirations | Art Ideology

Inspirations The belief that art is found in everything or art is everything reminds of those EARTH bumper stickers.  I may believe art can be found in everything or everything could be considered as some form of art.  Though I also believe that belief equals reality and believe in everything and everything's opposite making the... Continue Reading →

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