Art Print Sites Experiment

Graphic Art

…is an experiment being conducted to research the many various art print site services.

…may help with the process of accomplishing art sales online.

Two are listed here below.

Soon creating accounts for others listed in attempt to see which one works best.

Relating to what I have discussed in the previous post;

New Scans | Digitized Art

I have decided to proceed with this experiment in days to come.

As I have also mentioned in another previous post;

New Print

I currently have not had much luck selling art prints on any art print selling service websites.


I have had this DeviantArt page for about eleven years now.  I do like the community aspect and thumb share forums can be fun.  I don’t really see too much on there that is similar to my art and that could give validation for being unique or original.  The search continues for more of a niche.  This site has been around for a long time, was recommended to me by a college teacher and does have a great deal of content provided by users.  I have heard the age range of users tends to be a younger audience.  I may want to create a new account starting from scratch with new clean marketing strategy and consistent branding across platforms.



I recently revised this newer Society6 page.  My first attempt was with this account;

This web site and service is newer than the DeviantArt and seems created to be more mobile friendly and more directed to sales.  The interface seems less overwhelming than DeviantArts extensive content, categories and menus.  Some things as far as interface may seem a little tricky, buggy or difficult to understand the technical mechanics.

More time will be spent on these accounts in an experiment in marketing to produce a sale or sales of prints.  It is sometimes an annoyance with mainstream in-your-face advertising and clean commercialized marketing.  Like oh that looks so good it must be good.  I think I like more of the idea of that looks bad so the good is hidden and only seen to the select few.

So as far as trying to market myself as an artist; it may appear sloppy, minimal, lazy, disorganized but I am not trying to push it onto or into anyones face.  Constricting design to an industry standard of what the common are accustomed to.  Following a pre-established guideline to succeed only to become more like what is already successful.

Is this straying from originality?

The intention for this experiment;

To find out which of the many art print service web sites work best.

Currently the intention for the art in general;

Increase exposure, to find connection, critique, meaning, reasoning, direction and difference.



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