Midnight Mixed Media

Midnight Mixed Media


This this^ is using some tones of pink and blue Sennelier oil pastels..

…On a 8″ by 10″ Fredrix Canvas Pad.  Though it is also a mixed media..

Using a micron pen, blue and pink sharpie pens and graphite.


oil pastels sharpie pens


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The graphite was found to be quite pleasing and complementary to the oil pastels though watch out for those sharpie pens.  The oil pastel completely seemed to kill a pink color sharpie when mixing…

This piece is abstract and in many cases it is often found difficult to know when it is completely done or completed.  This could potentially use another layer or few of oil pastels and could change the look drastically.  It is also often unknown which direction to face the piece.  Sometimes when framed on a wall it will be rotated from time to time.

By the way, the graphite instrument used was very nice and given as a gift and was made by a Kelly Barker.

In this piece the lone wolf sculpted graphite instrument was applied.

More info on these instruments can be found on Kelly Barker’s site;


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