New Print

New Art Print Available @
mixed media
art print

5.5″ by 8″ inch Strathmore Mixed Media Sheet

Micron Pen, Sennelier Oil Pastels, Sharpie Pens

Sideways lavender chicken” May 2017

Once sold two prints to a good friend back in Oct 19, 2009 from that site.  Also bought a photo gloss print for myself from there Aug 04, 2014.

Total profit from there so far to this day is $1.62.

Maybe looking into setting up an account with one of the other art print services sites mentioned in previous post, New Scans | Digitized Art

Although may also be interested in somewhere locally.  Doing a hand signed limited edition numbered series etching, lithograph, engraving, block plate or some other kind of high quality printing done is definitely an idea floating around.  Nothing yet has caught my eye.

My bird told me that this is a chicken.  Guess if turned to the left 90 degrees.

Most this art seems often creating direction-less to be rotated.

Guess also started a society6 page,

May try ordering a shirt off their as a gift, see how it turns out…



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