Artistic Freedom

May, 17th 2017
Mixed Media Abstract

Words occurring in minds considered thoughts misspelled worthless from depicting racing motions in fastness diluting into a quiet of quite a peace of piece squashed into reason for which when has happened first ideas turned into with what happened to be happening in detail of further inscriptions involving why may have all double you’s from which was once originally described to be farther amongst that of a garden fiction.  Brain to paper.

^^These are just all random words that happened to cross my mind when attempting to describe describing this particular recent piece of art.  This is only a first attempt working towards more obscurity, chaos and randomness in more of an artistic or poetical and pleasing fashion.  Future posts may only include a new art piece and poem or poetry potentially in relation to thoughts or mood of mind during process.

Not sure about all that though at this time a mild possibility.

Recently got a package of art supplies, Micron pens, Sharpie pens and Fredrix canvas.

This was a mixed media rather than just traditional oil pastels.  This piece started with a brown blob of pastel color.  Then after a few days of just letting it sit I began adding Micron pen scribbles.  Then adding some color with sharpie pens and more color with oil pastels.  It wasn’t until towards the end is when I began to see a figure peaking through the abstraction.

You see it to?


Side Note:

Long ago now I invented a word that has not yet made it’s way into any dictionary.

This word is a .com domain I currently own that had previously existed a hosted website.


[kon-truh-struhk-shuh n]


Constructing through contradictions.

I found this word in my early philosophical studies when finding contradictions.

Recently did a little search and found this to be interesting;


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