Abstraction Additions

Tho Abstract Art; "A potentially playful application and random additions of colors oil pastels blending at finger tips, experimenting with tortillons, graphite instruments, pens, possibilities of chaotically seeing forms take shape and place on an empty white space, filling completely of leaving background or spots peering through.  Moods of mind relieved or satisfaction of production... Continue Reading →

New Print

New Art Print Available @ deviantart.com 5.5" by 8" inch Strathmore Mixed Media Sheet Micron Pen, Sennelier Oil Pastels, Sharpie Pens Sideways lavender chicken" May 2017 Once sold two prints to a good friend back in Oct 19, 2009 from that deviantart.com site.  Also bought a photo gloss print for myself from there Aug 04, 2014. Total... Continue Reading →

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